With so much technology around us today, most people have a difficult time trying to buy even the smallest electronic devices.

Because the technologies in some products can vary significantly, identifying the distinctions between them will often require the consumer to do their homework well in advance before making a decision to buy. In some cases, people may need to get a little extra assistance if they want to ensure that they are making the best decision possible.

Even when buying a set of bookshelf speakers for a home or business office, find the best type for a specific situation, the person will need to know what they are buying prior to making a small or a huge investment. The same is true when the consumer is considering buying a set of bookshelf speakers.

Typically, getting the best sound for television shows and movies and listening to someone’s favorite music are two great reasons for buying bookshelf speakers.

Since some people like to feel like they are in the studio with the artists, they are normally looking for the best bookshelf speakers in the industry.

However, the type of speakers that they search for will depend on a number of different factors including buying a good pair that will allow them to save space, put out the best quality solid sound possible, and at a cost that will be the most affordable buy to the budgeted amount that is being allowed.

All of which can help to make this shopping experience either profitable and fun to do or so frustrating that it becomes overwhelming.

So, for those of you who are interested in purchasing a good pair of bookshelf speakers without all of the added frustrations, you may want to review the Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers. In fact, this is a pair of bookshelf speakers that you may want to add to the top of your list of options.


  • To enhance transient and impactful bass sounds, this set has been designed with Balanced Woven carbon fibers to make it an enjoyable experience for all users.
  • The manufactures of this bookshelf speakers have included features that promote accurate imaging and smooth treble since it has a High Performance Silk dome tweeter in its overall design.
  • This set of speakers has extended bass response with low distortion that comes from its ported enclosure
  • Users can take advantage of its excellent vocal clarity that has been provided by the manufacturers Neutral and accurate sound signature features.
  • To accommodate users who want to hide these bookshelf speakers in any space in the room, this set has been made with an easy Compact classic design, which makes it very simple and easy to place in any area that the user chooses. Meaning it is handsomely designed to fit into any décor so that it will not stand out as bulky and overwhelming to any design.
  • Great setup for those who want to design and support the overall design of a home theatre.
  • Designed with Full size 5-way binding posts to complement desired connectivity options.


  • Many buyers are pleased with its Sound quality, especially when they are compared to much bigger and expensive sets of bookshelf speakers
  • Offered with an Affordable price for the features included and has an attractive design for storing away in small spaces seamlessly.
  • The Cost of this set of bookshelf speakers is considerably less than many high quality surround sound systems so it is a good buy for those who have limited budgets.
  • Users are pleased with the soundstage since it provides mid to high level clarity
  • Made with a sound quality that compliments any venue of music including rock, jazz, classical, gospel and other popular choices for all music lovers.
  • Can be placed in any room of the home including the home studies and kitchen areas too
  • Well-constructed speakers that have been built to lasts
  • Minimal distortion experienced, specifically on the low end
  • Speakers can be installed on computers as well as other electronic devices.


  • Consumers have complained about their speakers malfunctioning and needing replacement parts to complete the repairs
  • Numerous complaints about Sounds being distorted and the lack of bass sounds in these speakers
  • Newbies concerned about permanently damaging the amplifier or speakers since it requires a certain amount of previous expertise to ensure the amplifier has the capabilities to handle a 4-Ohm load. Therefore, it is difficult to make adjustments needed without soliciting outside help.


Overall, the Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers are a good buy. Specifically, when considering the features included and the flexibility that it provides.

This is because the speakers can be used to support home theater systems and can be connected to computers in the home and office.

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