The Polk Audio T15 are a pair of bookshelf-style speakers that provide the best in home theater and music performance. Polk used inspiration from their classic Monitor Series loudspeakers and they re-imagined the for music and sound-lovers of today.

As a part of the excellent T Series of the Polk Audio line, these speakers are built for versatility in sound. You can hook these speakers up to an existing home theater system, use them as music speakers, or other type of theater system.


Polk Audio’s Dynamic Balance (D.B) drivers and tweeters offer beautifully low distortion for a crisp and clear sound through wide dispersion. These pair of speakers are sonically matched and are designed to work in a synergistic manner with each other.

Each performs a special function in this integrated speaker system in order to give the user a balanced response. The way the T15 reduces distortion is via magnetically shielded enclosures.

This means that nearby video sources and other electronics will not affect the T15. This magnetic shielding offers superior clarity for music or as a home theater unit.

The Sensitivity provided by the T15 is impressive: 89 (dB) decibels 5-1/4 inches. The D.B. technology uses a polymer composite to make up the Woofer.

A durable rubber surround is used and a 3/4 inch D.B. Tweeter uses a composite of polymer and silk. The Tweeter contains a magnet of neodymium, which delivers a balanced, lush soundscape of sound.

These versatile speakers are great for both music and home theater and are designed to be placed on entertainment and book shelves, as well as supporting options for mounting.

If you are looking for a concert quality speaker with nice high and lows as well as a decent lows for the price, theT15 is perfect for you.

The Silk Dome Tweeter is 0.75 inch in size with a 5.25-inch driver (composite) and a well-tuned front-firing low bass port. These were engineered with Polk’s proprietary D.B. technology. You can hear brighter highs, a wide open mid-range, and decent low bass quality.

This furniture-grade MDP cabinet construction reduces resonance and distortion. This means that you receive rich and detailed audio, minus rattling disruption or muffled noise that is inherent in low quality equipment. However, note that if you play these speakers too loudly, a rattling is possible, so use your judgment.

The T15 supports DTS and Dolby and connects to most theater receivers, stereos, and home theater processors. In addition, the T15 contains slots so the user can mount these pair to the wall.

The hardware to mount these speakers is not included. However, these pair of wired bookshelf speakers are the perfect addition to any entertainment center or bookshelf-based audio center.


  • Speaker Impedance: 8 Ohms each
  • Sensitivity: 89dB
  • Frequency Response: 60 Hz – 24,000 Hz response
  • Low End: Measured at -3dB is 65 Hz
  • Crossover: 60 Hz – 24,000 KHz
  • 2 Channel Configuration
  • Dynamic Balance (D.B) Technology by Polk
  • Magnetically Shielded for Clear Sound
  • 75 inch Tweeter
  • One 5.25 inch Driver
  • Front-firing bass port
  • 2 Tweeters
  • 2 Midranges
  • Mid-Driver Included
  • 150 Watt
  • 25 inch Woofer
  • Easy Installation
  • 5-Way Binding Posts
  • Grille Material: Cloth
  • Driver/Woofer Material: Rubber
  • Keyhole for Wall Mounting
  • Not the best deep bass, but great for the value of the speakers
  • Great addition to 7.1 systems and other home entertainment systems
  • Cost: $99.95 is an economical price for this pair of speakers


  • Not Wi-Fi Enabled and not Smart Capable
  • Indoor Use Only
  • No subwoofer included (however, sub woofers and amps can be hooked up)
  • Size: 6.5” Wide, 7” Depth, and 10.5” Tall
  • If played overly loud, the 5.25 inch woofer can experience some rattling due to being pushed too hard.
  • While few consumers have complained of this aspect, some have stated that the speakers do not throw enough power in moderately large rooms.
  • The plain, black design in nothing to look at but gets the job done


Not only does the T15 have excellent consumer reviews, but with their quality materials and high tech features, these pair of speakers are a must-have.

Our verdict is that the Polk T15 provides for an excellent home theater experience and music performance at an unbeatable price of $99.95.

If you are planning on a home theater setup, these are a great pair for your two main, front channels. It is recommended that for the full, overall sound, that you buy a subwoofer, because the T15 is not the best for deep bass.

However, note that Amazon and retailers such as Best Buy will have these speakers on sale throughout the year for around $49.00 for the pair.

So, be on the lookout for this deal if money is a factor and you can stand waiting to buy this T15. Overall, affordability sounds fantastic in this T Series equipment from Polk Audio.

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