If you’re in the market for bookshelf speakers, you may be put off by the fact there are tons out there, ranging from $99 to $699, and from every brand you can think of. Unless you have a friend who knows about speakers, there is a chance you may buy the wrong set or pay too much for them.

What I’m going to do here is list some of the best bookshelf speakers on the market today for under 200 dollars. When looking over the different speakers, there are a few things you need to consider in order to get the best out value of your speaker system.

Woofers are speakers designed to make low frequency sound such as drums. The better the woofer, the crisper the drums in your music will sound. Tweeters are the opposite. They make the high frequency sounds in your music clear as a bell.

Mid-range drives, of course, take care of the frequencies that fall between the woofers and the tweeters. It’s when all three of these are in sync that you get the best sound out of your speakers.

Up first is a set of two speakers from Klipsch. They fit in any small room you may have, but wouldn’t look out of place in a medium-sized room either. If you’re energy conscious, you’ll love the fact that these speakers have high-quality sound with less energy output than other speakers.

For those that like their music loud, these play louder than the competition with less distortion, meaning you can hear clean, crisp music as loud as you want. The dust covers for these speakers are made of mesh and are easily removable when your speakers are in use. When you’re not listening they will keep the dust off the inside of your system. At $138.55 these speakers are worth every penny.

Another set under $200 is the Fluance SX6 High Definition Two-Way Bookshelf Loudspeaker. Unlike the Klipsch this set can be used for either your home stereo or your home theater system. The volume sounds natural with less distortion than most, no matter how high you turn them up.

The MDF wood construction means less resonance when they’re sitting on the shelf with your music is playing, which in turn means a higher quality listening experience after you get them placed.

Are you worried about them matching the decor in your house? These speakers are completed with a natural beech woodgrain finish to compliment any decor. Now on the chance something happens with your speakers, they come with a lifetime labor and parts warranty from the manufacturer.

If neither of those suit your needs, then maybe the set of Cerwin Vega VE5M 125 watt speakers are more your speed. The smallest of Cerwin Vega’s speakers, they fit in any room, office, or college dorm.

At around $150 these small speakers give you all the bang you need for your buck, and on the small chance something happens to your speakers, Cerwin Vega offers a five-year limited warranty along with them.

Up next is a pair of bookshelf speakers from BIC America ranging in price from $89 to $167. The bang you get for your buck means you can put these speakers anywhere and use them for anything you want—from music to movies and anything in between you can think of.

The quality of the woofers and tweeters, as well as the magnetic shielding, means you can put them as close to, or as far away from your TV or computer as you want and not lose any sound quality.

Now, onto a brand most people will recognize and trust. Sony has their SSCS5 3-Way 3-Driver Bookshelf Speaker System for only $168. The design is sleek and can fit in with any decor you may have in your home, and add that little something you may have been missing.

The sound quality is amazing as well. The speakers inside may be small, but don’t be fooled. They were created for big sound meaning the louder you turn them up, the better your experience is.

The state of the art Kevlar woofer was designed to give you complete and total immersive richness in sound whether you’re listening to music as you go about your daily business, or watching a movie.

Yamaha, a brand name some say is more synonymous with motor sports than speakers,will change everyone’s opinion with the NS-6490 3-Way Bookshelf Speaker system.

Even with the rather large dimensions of 16.2” in height, 13.2” in depth, and 10.5” in width, these speakers are able to blend in with any decor without being an eyesore to those in the room. Some think that with bigger speakers the sound quality goes down, but that’s not the case here.

With an 8” cone woofer and a 75” ferrofluid cooled, dome tweeter you’ll think the musician you’re listening to is in the room with you. At only $129 and some change, these speakers are perfect for the beginner with a large living space to put them in.

Pioneer is a trusted name in speaker systems, and this is one lives up to the reputation. With a small, sleek design that fits with most home interiors you can’t go wrong with the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Bookshelf Loudspeakers designed by Andrew Jones.

At $126 you may not expect high quality, but if there is one thing Pioneer is able to do, it’s offer great quality and performance for those on a budget. With the 1″ high efficiency dome tweeter you get crisp, clean sound. Couple with the 4” woofer you get the amazing full bodied experience every music lover longs for.

In today’s world, small and portable is the name of the game and Sonos is one of the prime players in that game. They have a speaker called the Sonos Player that every audiophile should own. At under a foot in height and width, this fits on a bookshelf or anywhere else you may want to put it.

Controlled through the Sonos app you can use any device to listen to clean, crisp, high-quality music. At $199 a piece, you may not want to buy more than 1 for now, but with W-Fi capabilities you don’t want to miss out on the amazing surround sound opportunity more than 1 provides.

Whatever your budget, you don’t have to give up quality in your speaker system. There are plenty of affordable speaker systems that pack a punch no matter what you’re looking for.

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