The Sound Appeal 6.5″ Premium Bookshelf Speakers are an excellent budget-priced pair of speakers, perfect for adding quality loud speakers to any home entertainment setup.


Sound Appeal’s Premium 6.5″ Speakers feature professional grade sound quality and design at a fraction of the price. For just under $60, you get an excellent pair of speakers that are built to last. The speakers are very loud, capable of handling up to 80 watts per speaker, with support for 25-125 watt amplifiers.

Their frequency response ranges from 45Hz to 22kHz, which is quite impressive for such a low profile and small cabinet-sized speaker set. The speakers also both feature their own custom built woofers inside, giving you excellent, powerful bass and crisp clear vocals!

Performance is above average with Sound Appeals Speaker Set, having a 12dB octave crossover optimized for maximum performance between the woofer and tweeter.


Built to Last- The speakers are well-made with sturdy, high-quality materials such as the butyl rubber it uses around the speakers and ferrofluid, making for a quality build that will last a long time.

Sound Appeal also carefully examines each and every speaker they produce in order to make sure no physical defects exist,ensuring the highest quality speakers are being put out and sold to customers. The speakers also feature high quality silk domes used for the tweeters, giving you more crisp sound and speakers that will last a lot longer.

The thick rigid cabinets found on the outside of these speakers also make them very durable as well as blending in with traditional home theatre bookshelf setup.

Overall the level of quality of materials that Sound Appeal used for creating these speakers is comparable to those of much more expensive, high-end speakers, making these quite a bargain for their price point, features, quality, and design.

Affordable Price

Sound Appeal’s Bookshelf Speakers are available for purchase on amazon for just under $60, making it a very competitive set of speakers for the price!

Excellent Sound Quality

Sound quality is the single most important aspect of any speaker.If it doesn’t sound good, it’s not a good speaker. Fortunately, Sound Appeal’s Bookshelf Speakers have phenomenal overall sound quality with crisp and clear vocals, and excellent bass.

Especially for the low, budget price of $60, these speakers are extremely competitive and very impressive, making them stand out, even against more expensive speaker sets.

Custom Built Woofers

The custom tuned woofers built inside these speakers are another high point of this speaker set, making bass sound even deeper and clearer than traditional regular speaker sets. The bass on these speakers is easily comparable to a full on traditional sub-woofer such as ones in a professional 5.1 surround sound speaker set.

Sleek and Stylish

The speaker set is quite low profile. They look really nice when setup and tucked inside a home theater and produce loud sound that will impress and satisfy your needs for home speakers.

Not only are these speakers aesthetically pleasing, but their bookshelf resemblance makes for an awesome, sleek and stylish set of speakers.

Wall Mountable

The speakers can be either mounted on your wall or set down anywhere on the floor. They are also designed to work with Sound Appeal’s AEON-90102 Speaker Wall Mount, allowing you to pivot and tilt the speakers to your liking.


Amplifier Not Included

Unfortunately you do not get an amplifier included with this speaker set, however it is compatible with any amplifiers that support anything from 25-125 watts.


Overall, for the price, Sound Appeal 6.5″ Premium Bookshelf Speakers is definitely an excellent choice; highly recommended for anyone looking for clear, loud, high-quality speakers. The affordable price point on its own is enough reason to buy these speakers.

With a combination of excellent sound, clear and powerful bass, a sleek and stylish design, and a very affordable price, these are definitely worth checking out.

For $60 you get speakers that are ready to plug in and go, only requiring that you provide an amplifier, which is sold separately.

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