A set of speakers can make a world of difference in the sound of music that you are able to hear. Finding the right speakers can be a challenge because there are many different styles and sizes on the market.

Being able to purchase a good set of quality speakers can enhance an already clear sound. Speakers that look good with any type of décor is very helpful.

This makes the speakers fit in and not and look out of place. The Yamaha NS 3-way bookshelf speakers have a nice unique look and have a number of special qualities included.


The 3-way bookshelf speakers have many great qualities. The speakers produce crystal clear sound. These speakers are equipped with an acoustic sound that allows the vocals to be heard without the massive thumping of base or other distorted noises. The sound that comes out of the speakers is very natural and does not crackle or pop when the volume is turned up.

Sound for Any Location

The size of these speakers makes it easy to install them at any location in the home. The multi-sound function can produce quality sound from the front, rear, or be used as auxiliary speakers in another location throughout the home.

Speaker Technology

Each speaker comes with advanced technology that gives it perfect sound and function. Each individual speaker comes with an 8-inch woofer, 0.75 dome tweeter, three drivers, and a four midrange option.

These technologies work together to make this 3-way speaker a good choice for quality sound. The speaker is shielded with magnetic components to make it a good choice for theater use.

A Unique Look

The 3-way speakers have a unique look that will go with any décor. The black satin exterior gives the speaker a shiny, clean appearance. The design allows it to easily blend into a bookshelf or cabinet.

The simple crossovers are not bulky, or stick out to make the speaker obviously installed. This makes the 3-way speaker able to fit in a small space because there is no bulky wiring protruding out the back of the speaker.


  • The 3-way speakers have a clear sound embedded in a small size.
  • Offers great performance and a solid speaker exterior.
  • Yamaha has continued to construct high-quality products, and these speakers are no exception.
  • It offers a lot of power with bass, and no distortion comes through in the sound.
  • An expensive look, with a lower price.
  • These speakers work great when hooked up to a subwoofer and equalizer as well.
  • Clean vocals, acoustics, and spoken words.
  • It is a very satisfying speaker set that I would purchase for friends and family to use.
  • These speakers will put out a sound that will rock the house, which is surprising for the size of the 3-ways.
  • The mid and high levels are extremely clear and crisp.
  • Can be used with vinyl and produces a great sound without any crackles.


  • The speaker had a crackling noise, but it was a bad batch due to the serial number.
  • The writing was either colored wrong, or the wrong wiring was installed into the speakers.
  • They did not sound very good with a Pioneer receiver after hooking it up.
  • The look and style lacked detail, and were bigger than what was expected.


This is one of the best home audio speakers which worked well for most of the customers. There are numerous positive reviews on this product and most of them are all good comments.

The speakers have a nice shiny look and can blend in most places in the house. They offer a crisp sound, which was surprising for the size of the speaker.

The wiring and 8-inch woofer put out quality vocals and instrumental sound. They were easy to hook up and could be used with a sub-woofer and an equalizer. The clear sound works well by itself without being hooked up to other electronic devices.

It has a good amount of bass considering the size of the speakers. The 3-way has the ability to produce sound in the front of the speaker and back of the speaker.

Overall, the Yamaha 3-ways seem to have worked great for people. The sound is not distorted and does not have a faraway sound like other smaller speakers can have.

The sound quality is excellent, even when it is hooked up to vinyl. The speakers are small enough that they can be moved around to different areas of the home and used for parties and family gatherings. When the volume is turned up, it still gives a clear sound and does not pop or crack with intense sound.

The Yamaha 3-ways speakers are ultimately a good product that has a positive, crisp sound. They are great for any size of home or room. The look allows the speakers to go well with any type of décor in the home.

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